Experience Balkan is incoming tour operator for the Balkan and especially for the Republic of Macedonia, founded by couple of experienced tourist workers from the Republic of Macedonia. Our mission is to promote the Balkan and Macedonia as attractive tourist destinations and to offer excellent experience to all our travelers, who will visit this region. During its existence, Experience Balkan has established successful cooperation with many international tour operators, and built meaningful partnerships with regional and domestic hotels, restaurants, museums and tourist guides.


Product manager
• Product agents
• Tourist guides
Booking manager
• Booking agents
Marketing manager
• Marketing agents
• Photographs
Law and accounting manager
• Accounting agents
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We are Balkan tour operator and we offer tours in 10 countries on the Balkan Peninsula:
As the main objectives in the program of the Experience Balkan are identified the following:
  • 24/7 availability services from our company during the trip
  • Providing excellent experience for our travelers and good feedback by them
  • Confirmation of reservations and prompt reply to e-mails (up to 2 hours)
  • Providing quality tourist guides, who will be more than just guides for our travelers
  • Improving our own performances and willingness for constant learning through the experience
  • Learning and discovery
  • Promotion of tourist attractions and cultural values and events in the Balkan region